Land Marker Post 4 (D-Series)

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Due to the increasing demand for CBU's (Cluster Box Unit) in residential neighborhoods, Imperial Mailbox Systems is now offering Land Markers to allow for a better visual indicator for residential addresses. The Imperial Land Marker will assist friends, delivery drivers and more importantly, emergency services in quickly locating residential street addresses. 

You can order either our C-Series Post (2-3/8" outer diameter) or D-Series Post (3" outer diameter) with numerous finial (top caps) and base options to create the perfect Land Marker for your residence. 

Both C and D posts come 80" in length, and can be cut down to your desired height. We recommend putting at least 16"-24" of the post in the ground, so please account for this in your calculations. 

Simple designs, starting at $265.50, include either post C or D, your choice of finial and number plate 7.

More decorative options, starting at $311.50, include either post C or D, your choice of finial, base and number plate 7.

Number Plate 7 can display numbers from 2" to 4".

Please note in the "Special Instructions for Seller" portion of the checkout cart which base and finial you'd prefer for your Land Marker, as well as your desired post length. Otherwise, you'll receive exactly what is shown in the above "main image," along with an 80" post.

Imperial Land Markers are constructed of cast aluminum and covered in a premium enamel paint, so it is impervious to rust, insect damage and harsh elements.

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